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Cultural Production This is a place for people to post on a range of cultural phenomenon that don't quite fit into the other forums - reviews, appreciations, critiques, etc.

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drew hempel
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Default New Chunyi Lin Interview

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin has a long radio interview in NYC:
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drew hempel
Join Date: May 2006
Location: minneapolis
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Default Testimony from new qigong student

Here's a new testimony from the spring forest qigong forum at

A few months ago, I decided to embark on a winter journey searching for and learning more of Qi. Although I have no doubt in my mind about the health benefits of Qigong and I have experienced better physical as well as emotional and spiritual energy level since I practiced Qigong. At times, I thought to myself: I must be a lunatic somehow for doing this. Who would be in her right mind thinking that breathing in and out air out, imagining that air can make my health better, my life better. Am I wasting my time and end up as a crazy person, if not already becoming one without knowing it? Therefore, I contacted Normandale Community College and enrolled in the SFQ classes to meet Chunyi Lin.

It was a 3-day class in November that involved 2 different levels. I already learned both levels from CDs and DVDs produced by Learning Strategies Corp. I always feel that to best way to learn is learning first hand from the teacher and in person. Minnesota was cold and in full winter season. All trees were bare with black branches poking the dark grey sky. The lakes were frozen. St. Paul/Minneapolis must be very beautiful in the spring and summer because there are many lakes. Minnesota has been ranked the healthiest state to live in, its air is fresh and free of pollution, there are many great medical centers staffed with the best physicians.

What amazing about these seminars was what I experienced at a higher and deeper level. This also convinced me that I am not crazy for practicing Qigong. The first day, when Master Chunyi Lin sent out healing energy to each and every one of the students, I could actually feel it. It was something pure, that came to my being and could only be felt with another sense, perhaps the 6th sense? I felt it within me and it felt peaceful and overwhelming at the same time. On the last day, he did the same, sending out healing energy that would remove blockages in our bodies. We sat in meditation with closed eyes, he walked softly so that itís hard to tell his where about. Then I felt the energy again. This time, it felt like I was in the ocean and a big wave came and rushed into my heart which was like a balloon that got bigger and was filled up with this happy, calm, glad feeling. It was nothing like I have ever felt or sensed before. Then I became so overwhelmed with this huge ball of energy inside of me. My heart felt so big, full, happy and at the same time grateful that I finally met a true master that I can sincerely and respectfully call a teacher. Tears rolled down my left cheek, then the right one, pretty soon I was actually silently crying with my face totally covered with tears while sitting there in meditations. I quietly sent thoughts to Master Lin to thank him. He must read my message. At the end, I came toward to again say thanks, and he gave me a big hug.

Some lesson that brings one to being oneness with the whole universe, realizes how great it feels to accept, love oneself, appreciate, respect oneself, embrace the human race and this earth we live in as something precious and beautiful, and be happy just to be here alive, well, with a mind, heart and whole being filled with positive and benevolent thoughts.

I thought every student would feel the same powerful energy I felt but when I talked with a few people, some did to a certain degree, some did not feel anything. I know that the energy is always there, but as a radio station sending out frequency signals, the radio must be turned on, and turn to the right frequency signals to receive what transmitted. Then I realized that I have crossed a threshold that I did not think I was capable of.

It was a wonderful learning experience with both Master Lin and Master Jim Nance. Both were very generous in their lectures, giving us advice, tips and insights in the practice of Spring Forest Qigong. Although the classes were in Level I and II, Master Lin gave us Level 5 healing techniques. One technique can be used to save someone in life and dealth situation from a story of what he did during a visit to New York to save a man who had a heart attack and felt on the pavement. While everyone was standing around this helpless man watching him like a spectacle, some tourists were even taking snapshots of this poor man dying, Master Lin calmly gathered his healing energy along with the universal energy. With one hand on the top of this personís head, the other hand covered his lower dantien, eyes fixed on his heart, and his mind quickly did the small universe on the man. It took a while for the ambulance to come, this man was eventually admitted to the hospital and released within a few hours.

It was a very beneficial 3 days in Minnesota. I met so many helpful and friendly people from the Healing Center. Minnesota people are warm and so nice. I also got the 2 CDs Butterfly Healing and Heart Sutra. I have included both in my (almost) daily meditations.

I will come back soon to study Level 3!

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