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Esoteric philosophy To discuss the ideas of Crowley, Gurdjieff, Fortune, Steiner, Evola, etc.

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Arrow The Seven Major Chakras

Hey everyone this is part of a research paper I am writing about the chakras. I thought it might be useful for people who are interested in Ayurvedic medicine.

The Seven Major Chakras

The first three chakras are concerned primarily with physical concerns, where as the last three charkas are concerned with more spiritual matters. The fourth, or the heart chakra, balances the physical and the spiritual.

1st Chakra: Muladhara

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. This chakra deals with human potential, primitive energy, basic survival needs and our foundations. Red is the color associated with this chakra. A significant lack of energy here can make people weak and self-destructive.

Related Ideas: Vitality, courage, self confidence, security

Color: Red

Mantra vocalization: LAM

Related organs and glands: kidneys and bladder, adrenal gland, the vertebral column, hips, legs, and feet.

Associated problems: constipation, diarrhea, piles, colitis, Crohn's disease, cold fingers and toes, frequency of urination, hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney stones, impotence, hip problems, legs and feet.

Personality traits: Courageous, confident, humanistic, strong-willed, spontaneous, honest, and extroverted.

Stones and crystals: Ruby, Carnelian, Cuprite, Garnet, Red Jade, Moonstone, Red Jasper, Calcite, Sardonyx.

Essential oils and flowers: Musk, vetiver, basil, and all root oils.

Celestial bodies: Mars and Pluto

* * * * *

2nd Chakra: Svadhisthana
The second chakra is located just slightly below the navel, or belly button. This chakra is the center of our sexual drive and emotions. The color of this chakra is orange. A deficiency of energy here may cause a person to be immobilized by fear, burdened by guilt or distrustful.

Related Ideas: Procreation, family, fantasy, creativity, sensuality

Color: Orange

Mantra vocalization: VAM

Related organs and glands: uterus, bowels, gall bladder, prostate, ovaries and testes.

Associated problems: pre-menstrual syndrome, problems with menstrual flow, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, testicular disease, prostate disease.

Personality traits: Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sporty, self-assured, and constructive.

Stones and crystals: Orange Jade, Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Fire Agate, Orange Quartz, Orange Rhodochrosite, Orange Garnet, Orange Amber.

Essential oils and flowers: gardenia, lemon, ylang ylang, and jasmine.

Celestial bodies: Mercury

* * * * *

3rd Chakra: Manipura
The third chakra is located at the solar plexus and relates to will, power, and social identification. This chakra's color is yellow. A lack of energy here may result in depression and confusion.

Related Ideas: self-esteem, ego, form, wisdom, clarity, vision

Color: Yellow

Mantra vocalization: RAM

Related organs and glands: liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach and small intestine.

Associated problems: diabetes, pancreatitis, liver disease, peptic ulcer, Coeliac's disease, and gall stones.

Personality traits: Good-humored, optimistic, confident, practical, and intellectual.

Stones and crystals: Amber, Fluorite, Golden Beryl, Calcite, Golden Yellow Topaz, Cat's Eye, Yellow Celestite, Yellow Jade, Golden Tiger Eye, Lemon Chrysoprase, Citrine, Yellow Danburite, Iron Pyrite, Yellow Garnet, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Muscovite, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Rhodonite.

Essential oils and flowers: bergamot, neroli, patchouli.

Celestial bodies: The Sun and Mars

* * * * *

4th Chakra: Anahata
The fourth chakra is located over the heart and relates to love, balance, compassion, and self expression. Green, and sometimes pink, is the color of this chakra. Little energy in this chakra may cause paranoia and indecision.

Related Ideas: Balance, love, self-control

Color: Green

Mantra vocalization: YAM

Related organs and glands: heart, lungs, and thymus gland.

Associated problems: heart diseases, diseases of the Immune system eg. AIDS and ME (myalgia encephalomyelitis, sometimes referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome); other problems related to the immune system, allergies, cancer of the breast.

Personality traits: Understanding, self-controlled, adaptable, sympathetic, compassionate, generous, humble, nature loving, and romantic.

Stones and crystals: Amazonite, Beryl, Bloodstone, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Grossular Garnet, Green Agate, Peridot, Green Apophyllite, Green Apophyllite, Green Aventurine, Green Cats Eye, Green Chrysocolla, Green Dioptase, Green Jade, Green Kunzite, Green Lepidolite, Green Onyx, Green Selenite, Green Topaz, Green Tourmaline, Hiddenite, Kunzite, Malachite, Moldavite, Morganite, Nephrite, Pink Tourmaline, Prasolite, Prehnite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Rubellite, Ruby, Watermelon Tourmaline.

Essential oils and flowers: lavender, rose.

Celestial bodies: Venus and the Moon

* * * * *

5th Chakra: Vishuddha
The fifth chakra is located at the throat and relates to communication, creativity, and self identification. The color here is blue. A blocked chakra here can cause a person to be devious and manipulative.

Related Ideas: Knowledge, decisiveness, expression, communication

Color: Blue

Mantra vocalization: HUM

Related organs and glands: throat and lungs, thyroid gland.

Associated problems: Thyroid problems - over active/under active; Anorexia nervosa (this is a multi-chakra problem but has a strong connection to the throat chakra); asthma; bronchitis; hearing problems; tinnitus - may also be connected to problems with the brow chakra; problems of the upper digestive tract; mouth ulcers, sore throats, tonsillitis

Personality traits: Loyal, tactful, affectionate, inspiring, inventive, caring, and cautious.

Stones and crystals: Amethyst, Amazonite, Amber, Aquamarine, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Obsidian, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Turquoise, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Indicolite, Iolite, Kunzite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Lepidolite, Sapphire, Sodalite, Zircon.

Essential oils and flowers: cinnamon, vanilla, cypress, sandalwood, rosemary.

Celestial bodies: Jupiter

* * * * *

6th Chakra: Ajna
The sixth chakra is located between the eyebrows at the third eye position relating to mind, intuition, and heightened self awareness. Violet is the color here. Insufficient amounts of energy here can cause a person to be oversensitive and afraid of success.

Related Ideas: Intuition, mysticism, understanding, perception, self-realization

Color: Indigo

Mantra vocalization: OM

Related organs and glands: eyes, lower head and sinuses, pineal gland, pituitary gland, nervous system.

Associated problems: tension headache, migraine, visual defects, short-sightedness, long-sightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, sinus problems, ear problems.

Personality traits: Intuitive, fearless, practical, idealistic, wise, and a truth seeker.

Stones and crystals: Amethyst, Azurite, Blue Obsidian, Blue Tourmaline, Celestite, Charoite, Garnet, Lavender Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Iolite, Kunzite, Malachite-Azurite, Moldavite, Purple Fluorite, Tanzanite, Sugilite, Sapphire, Sodalite.

Essential oils and flowers: rose, clove, and frankincense.

Celestial bodies: Saturn

* * * * *

7th Chakra: Sahasrara
The seventh, or crown chakra, is located at the top of the head and deals with the experience of self- realization, wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment. Enlightenment is the culmination of all the other chakras and thus is depicted by white. A deficiency of energy here may cause a person to become catatonic.

Related Ideas: Beauty, creativity, inspiration

Color: Violet

Mantra vocalization: AUM

Related organs and glands: brain, brain stem, top of spinal cord, pineal gland.

Associated problems: depression, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, seniledementia, Alzheimer's, many mental disorders, confusion, and dizziness.

Personality traits: Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-sacrifing, visionary, creative, and strong mentally.

Stones and crystals: Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine, Clear Quartz Crystal, Clear Tourmaline, Diamond, Golden Beryl, Howlite, Lavender Quartz, Lepidolite, Iolite, Moldavite, Violet Jasper, Quartz, Selenite, Sugilite, White Topaz.

Essential oils and flowers: lotus, violet, chamomile.

Celestial bodies: The Universe, the Guru within
~ Anything that you imagine will eventually become true. ~

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Agent Smith
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check out the spleen chakra.

it would be interesting to see what you turn up.
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the return of smith!

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and post #666! what does it mean, spleen?
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drew hempel
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spleen aka pancreas is yellow energy -- the "intention" of the body-mind aka the "messenger" of the electrochemicals.
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Agent Smith
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i was going to save my 666th post for something apocalyptic, and caustic... burn a hole in the forum, and all that...

...but whatever.

i saw something from Humming i liked, and would like to hear his thoughts on the long lost "8th chakra".

(in fact there are hundreds of energy vortices, all over the human body, surrounding it, and such. fun stuff.)

there's deviltry left in me yet!!
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i saw some mention of an 8th turquoise chakra that is supposedly forming right now, below the throat i think?

i really wouldn't know because i'm not the chakra master although i do have an interest in the Ayurvedic form of medicine. i think it makes a lot more sense than western medicine honestly.

i find it useful to learn about the chakras the same way i find it useful to learn about the Tarot--they might not be infallible sources of knowledge but they are actually surprisingly accurate i have found.

i opened my crown chakra once in a dream. it was pretty intense. my body dissolved and i shot upwards on an arrow of pure energy that was a bright violet light and ended up landing in the top of a very tall tree looking out over a valley. i probably wrote about it before on this board i would imagine....
~ Anything that you imagine will eventually become true. ~
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Hi Humming,
I put together my own list and thought you might be interested in comparing my list to yours.
There are some differences.
I used Ramtha's terms for the Seals (Chakras), Paul Foster Case for the Tarot Key placement and Agrippa for the Planet.
The Key and the Planet discribe a well balanced Chakra/Seal.

First seal. The first seal is associated with the reproductive organs, sexuality, and survival.
Key 21 The World -Administrative Intelligence
Planet- Saturn a sublime contemplation & profound understanding,
solidity of judgement, firm speculation, stability and an immovable

Second Seal. This seal is the energy center of social consciousness and the infrared frequency band. It is associated with the experience of pain and suffering and is located in the lower abdominal area.
Key 16 The Tower -Exciting Intelligence
Planet- Mars, truth; not to be terrified, constant courage and
fortitude, a fervent desire of animosity, the power of acting and
the practice, and an in-convertible vehemency of the mind.

Third seal. This seal is the energy center of conscious awareness and the visible light frequency band. It is associated with control, tyranny, victimization, and power. It is located in the region of the solar plexus.
Key 10 The Wheel of Fortune -Intelligence of Conciliation.
Planet- Jupiter, an unshaken prudence, temperance, benignity, piety,
modesty, Justice, Faith, Grace, Religion, equity, clemency, royalty.

Fourth seal. The fourth seal is associated with unconditional love and the thymus gland. When this seal is activated, a hormone is released that maintains the body in perfect health and stops the aging process.
Key 19 The Sun -The Collective Intelligence.
Planet- Sun, nobility of mind, perspicuity of imagination, the
nature of knowledge and opinion, maturity, counsel, zeal, light of
justice, reason and judgement distinguishing right from wrong,
purging light from the darkness of ignorance, the glory of truth
found out, and charity the Queen of all virtues.

Fifth seal. This seal is the center of our spiritual body that connects us to the fifth plane. It is associated with the thyroid gland and with speaking and living the truth without dualism.
Key 3 The Empress -The Luminous Intelligence
Planet- Venus, a fervent love, most sweet hope, the motion of desire,
order, concupiscence, beauty, sweetness, desire of increasing and
propagation of it self.

Sixth seal. This seal is associated with the pineal gland and the gamma ray frequency band. The reticular formation that filters and veils the knowingness of the subconscious mind is opened when this seal is activated. The opening of the brain refers to the opening of this seal and the activation of its consciousness and energy.
Key 2 The High Priestess -Uniting Intelligence
Planet- the Moon a peace making consonance, fecundity, the power of
generation and of growing greater, of increasing and decreasing, and
a moderate temperance, and faith which being conversant in manifest
and occult things yields direction to all; also motion to the
tilling of the earth for the manner of life and giving growth to
it-self and others.

Seventh seal. This seal is associated with the crown of the head, the pituitary gland, and the attainment of enlightenment.
Key 1 The Magician -Intelligence of Transparency
Planet- Mercury a piercing faith and belief, clear reasoning, the
vigour of interpreting and pronouncing, gravity of speech, acuteness
of wit, discourse of reason, and the swift motions of the senses.
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interesting. thanks Karyn.
~ Anything that you imagine will eventually become true. ~
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Originally Posted by Humming View Post
interesting. thanks Karyn.
Here is a little more info Humming,

Paul recommends meditating on the modes of intelligence attributed to the letters. Example: For the 1st Seal meditating on Key 21 -Administrative Intelligence.Then he refers to Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms, and their enumeration of the powers to be gained from meditation:

"26. The means of quitting the state of bondage to matter is perfect discriminative knowledge, continuously maintained.
The import of this -- among other things -- is that the man who has attained to the perfection of spiritual cultivation maintains his consciousness, alike while in the body, at the moment of quitting it, and when he has passed into higher spheres; and likewise when returning continues it unbroken while quitting higher spheres, when re-entering his body, and in resuming action on the material plane.
27. This perfect discriminative knowledge possessed by the man who has attained to the perfection of spiritual cultivation, is of seven kinds, up to the limit of meditation."

Love, Karyn
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